Interesting Blog Post Found on FINA and its Governing Ways…..

I was reading up on the usual swimming world news today at lunch and came across a blog that posted about FINA’s most recent firing of Steve Munatones. I think its important for everyone to know whats going on with swimming’s governing bodies and thought this was an interesting read.  I’d like to hear peoples opinion on this one…

Link to post:  SCAQ BLOG


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I am a World Champion, Former American Record Holder & still full time swimmer. I am a full time employee of Merck & co., a devoted husband and proud owner of a rescued Greyhound!

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  1. Look at that old man in the photo, how much does he make a year off the fruits of the athlete’s labor? Perhaps it is time for a swimmer’s rep or even better, a union rep representing the swimmers, to be on the FINA board!

  2. Hey, this was an interesting article! I got off on a rant that was a little long for a comment, so I put it on my blog ( I linked everyone here to see your readers’ thoughts too.
    I’m interested in seeing a greater discussion on this.

  3. I’m not a swimmer but support all my swimmers. Shame on FINA for removing Mr. Steven Munatones as a referee. There is no one more qualified than him in the Open Water swimming world. Shame on them for not doing enough to prevent a great loss such as loss of our dear Fran Crippen.

    People who unite to achieve a common goal are more powerful than some corporate executives sitting in their HQ making decisions! It is about time for the swimmers to gather strength, support each other and get the job done.


    Not everyone is going be Phelps, Lochte, or Coughlin! Swimmers like you guys should do more blogging, spreading the word, organize and do whatever you can to change the system. You bring medals and glory to your country but you need to support yourselves and your families as well. It is your right to ask for right wages and it is your right to speak out without being penalized for it.


    • I am in total agreement with you. Would it be easier with swimmers like Coughlin, phelps and Lochte heading the fight? yes. But they are happy and are supported with large sponsor deals which makes it easy to be content. I am not upset at them for not helping on this matter but I would like them to speak up on it more often to spread the word. Today I talked to an athlete rep. for USA Swimming and they were not aware of the issues in regards to FINA. They didn’t know how things have transpired the last few months after the tragic death of Fran Crippen. That’s the fault of the athletes not speaking up to show concern to the reps. thats how the system is supposed to work….. i Don’t think its working.

      • I agree, the problem mostly stems from a lack of athlete representation.
        At the upper levels of USA swimming, the sport is still being governed as it was back in the AAU days. In those days, the sport wasn’t making any money and they were providing an organization that allowed swimmers to compete. The reality has changed, but the mentality hasn’t. They’re making tons of cash off the sport, but we’re still expected to act as if they are doing us a favor.

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