My Favorite Training Device and most commonly used Equipment

My favorite training device I work on is The RocketTower. This thing can put a beating on you but also teach you how it feels to go 20.00 In a 50 free LC from a push. I have used this device for 2 years consistently and not until recently have used it enough. If you want to learn more about The RocketTower visit their website.

My most commonly used equipment would be a tie. Its between my kick board and combined fins and speed paddles. I kick a lot and know my kick is extremely important to my success in swimming so I tend to use my kick board almost every day. But fins and paddles are tied if not a close second and need mentioning. These together provide me with the feeling of tapered end of the year speed but also promotes power within my stroke. As a sprinter this combination is critical to create optimal speed for the 50 and 100 freestyles.

What are your favorites??


About Nick Brunelli

I am a World Champion, Former American Record Holder & still full time swimmer. I am a full time employee of Merck & co., a devoted husband and proud owner of a rescued Greyhound!

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  1. My favorite equipment at swim practice is the shower, but not if it’s one of those ASU showers (a pipe with a bunch of nozzles strong enough to power wash your driveway). Those are no good.

  2. I find myself using the pullbuoys often. They allow me to do lots of distance practice, aka swimming 2 hours straight, without getting too tired (since legs and those big muscles use up a lot of energy). But I don’t know if I’m doing myself a disservice using the pullbuoys all the time, is the pullbuoy possibly the “lazy-man’s swim equipment?”

    • I like pull buoys at the ankles instead of between your thighs just for the reason you are talking about. Buoys are sometime used as a crutch for body line. They help keep your body(and feet) afloat without using your core muscles. If you put the buoy on your ankles you will still get some help of floating but if your cores not activated your hips will sink to the bottom. so it forces you to at least swim correctly with a strong core activated. Try it out by mixing that in a little! It will be harder but much getter for your swimming. also its recommended to to do this during LC practices since flip turns with buoys around your ankles can be challenging.

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