A New Look into Core Strength with a.X.i.s

Many athletes look to improve core strength and they go directly to more crunches and basic motions everyone knows all to well. realistically crunches only help to an extent and new motions are needed to challenge your core to the level needed to hold a perfect line in swimming. Recently I have looked at different avenues at improving my core strength.  One is finding a way to connect my core strength to my legs and back. Below are some new exercises that have challenged my core strength to a level I never knew I had.  since starting these exercises I have seen amazing improvements in the water!

1. Dead Bugs Static/motion

2. Armadillos in a stream line/crunch/single leg

3. Ninja Roll Ups

4. Plank Hip Extensions

5. Single leg V-Ups Slow

6. Large Flutter Kick Crunch slow

Later this week I will post pictures and explanations on each.  These Exercises when first done challenged everyone on Team Elite. Before these movements were discovered we already thought we were very strong in our core. Now…. its a whole new level!! Thanks to A.X.I.S. Our core routine is now sick!


About Nick Brunelli

I am a World Champion, Former American Record Holder & still full time swimmer. I am a full time employee of Merck & co., a devoted husband and proud owner of a rescued Greyhound!

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  1. Wow – I like thinking about this brave new world (for me). Whether or not I’ll like and do the work may be another story, but I appreciate your sharing all of this!

  2. Thanks Nick!

  3. you should checkout kettlebells.. there amazing. most impact vs time i’ve found.

  4. Nick,

    Can you point to descriptions as to how to do these exercises?


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