GOAL: London 2012 Olympic Gold! I Need Your Help!(Correction)


-Edited with new info-

Hello followers and thank you for reading my blog here on WordPress.  I know this Blog reaches out to close friends and family but also to swim fans around the nation and world. I would like to ask you all to help me in my quest for Olympic Gold in London 2012.  As many of you may know swimming is not a sport where you make money like other professional sports. Swimming is a pure sport not contaminated with overpaid athletes looking for a quick buck (or million bucks) to cover their 15K a month mortgage payment on a house they may only use as a vacation home. Swimming doesn’t have that! It’s because it’s a sport that has a potential accomplishment that money can’t buy unlike a World Series or Superbowl win. Gold Medals are won by working hard individually and limiting distractions as a whole. There are huge sacrifices made to go after and win a swimming Gold Medal which you only get an opportunity to go after every 4 years at the Olympics!

With that said I am in need of monetary help to support basic expenses in pursuit of Olympic Gold in London 2012. I am looking to build a monthly stipend to support my training regime and monthly expenses. Right now I am working full time with Merck & Co to help with training and living expenses. I thank them every day for letting me have the crazy schedule I have and continually allow me to expand on my career goals as a Merck employee. Merck has been gracious enough to allow me to train and swim at a level high enough to compete against some of the best in the world the last 2 years. But I need more time outside of work to train for the next year to achieve Gold in London! Working full time 40+ hours a week wont allow me to train and recover at the level I need to compete in London 2012. I am openly and seriously pursuing sponsors to help me reduce my hours at work and increase my preparation time for swimming. I am asking you if you own a business and want marketing exposure for your company to contact me! I would love to work something out to help each of our goals. I believe if a business sponsors me, I have a responsibility to help that company as much as possible! There are many ideas I can offer to help bring exposure to a business through my swimming.

Also, anyone reading this that doesn’t own a business but still wants to help, you can! To help, donate money to my cause. Any donations you give will go towards my living and training expenses. As I push for Olympic Gold in London 2012 it is critical I spend the right amount of time training. But most importantly I will need to have proper recovery time set in place after the brutal practices ahead. If you are interested in helping me out check out my Donate tab at the top of my site [Link]. On that tab you will notice you have options for a private donation or a Club Partnership option.  for the Club Partnership Option, If you are a coach and would like me to help your team the next 2 years through the experiences I have been through in my 21 plus years of training and competing at an elite level, I have an option for you! If you are a fan of my blog/site and just want to help me out, check the private donation option. There are many ways you can donate and receive great gifts like Olympic Trials tickets, private lessons and autographed apparel.  Check it out to learn more.  If you have any questions you can also email me directly[email]. Any amount big or small will help greatly.

Fund raising goal:

To fully fund a years worth of training and living expenses, it averages to $2,500 per month over the next 12 months leading into the Olympic Trials in Omaha Nebraska. As of June 27th 2011 we have a year until the start of Olympics Trials! Soon enough Olympic trials will be upon us. I just want to be fully prepared with no doubt in my mind its my time! If you or anyone you know wants to help, share the link below on how you can donate. I will keep you all up to day on my blog showing progress towards my goal of $30,000 (12 months x $2,500). Thank you all for your continued support and check back often for blog updates!

How you can donate:  [Link]
Ask Questions: [Email]

Thank you to my supporters below!

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About Nick Brunelli

I am a World Champion, Former American Record Holder & still full time swimmer. I am a full time employee of Merck & co., a devoted husband and proud owner of a rescued Greyhound!

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  1. Hi Nick,

    Do you have a new mailing address for these? Thanks!


    • Joe,

      Thank you for reminding me. in the next few weeks, If anything goes to our old address it will be forwarded to the new address which is listed below. I will update the website with the new address too! Joe we need to talk soon about getting another lesson in. The last 2 weeks have been so crazy to say the least. ill email you tonight or tomorrow to get something set up.

      Nicholas Brunelli
      282 Lorraine Rd
      Fort Mill SC 29708

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