Trial Before Nationals Recap

Sectionals in Athens Georgia was a great prep for USA Nationals in 2 weeks. I was able to get in two successful 100 freestyles and one great 50 freestyle in. The 100 freestyle in the relay the first night was a challenge to get out what I wanted.  Friday I worked for 4 hours in the morning then got in a car and drove 3 and a half hours to Athens. When I arrived I waited around for 4 more hours and to then swam that relay. I ended up going 50.03 which for what that day felt like I am very happy with.

Saturday, I was able to get in a 50 free time trial and race an old friend Steve Neuwart from Australia and also Josh Schneider who I train with and is labelled as the bright young star in the sprint events for the United States. Josh and I love to race each other. Down at the JAX50 we raced and tied in a 50 earlier this season. The video is on my YouTube Channel. Believe it or not Josh and I tied again in the time trial. We ended up going 22.29 which is currently 23rd in the world. For both of us it was a great time for in season and UN-shaved. Steve Neuwart also ended up going a best time in season. I really enjoyed swimming with him again. We both swam many grueling practices together at Arizona State University. Racing Brought back great memories! If you want to see the 50 Free time trial check out my YouTube Channel.

Sunday morning I swam the 100 free prelims and went 50.45. My goal in this event was to go out with feeling of first 50 at USA Nationals coming up in 2 weeks.  I did just that and was very happy with it. The end time wasn’t the main focus but lines up well for 2 more weeks of good rest. After that race it was to the road again for another 3 and a half hour drive home. Last night my own bed felt so good to sleep in.  No Monday AM workout and work starting at 10AM was just what the doctor ordered!


About Nick Brunelli

I am a World Champion, Former American Record Holder & still full time swimmer. I am a full time employee of Merck & co., a devoted husband and proud owner of a rescued Greyhound!

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