Cielo Clear To Race On; 1yr Ban For Waked….Hmmm


I must say FINA’s doping rule may not fit the crime for Cielo even though it looks like a true tainted supplement… I am going to bring up a few questions here. Vinicius Waked tested positive for a banned substance.  He then gambled and took a supplement “caffeine pills” and tested positive again but now for Furosemide!!!  The penalty fits the crime here of a 1 year ban based on Vinicius not doing the research on the first drug failure of not to take supplements! With that said though, Vinicius Waked knew something he took was illegal or tainted the first time. He just kept taking supplements also knowing three other Brazilian swimmers who he trains with are taking possibly supplements.

First off, If anyone I know tests positive for anything, I am making sure I am not coming  close to anything he or she was and still is taking! When Kicker Vencil tested positive in 2003 while taking a vitamin C pill I made sure I wasn’t taking vitamins from the same company! plain and simple! I didn’t want it to happen to me because there is to much at stake!

My 2 big questions are:

  1. Did Vinicius Waked know what made him test positive the first time and why would he take a supplement when he knows if he tests positive again he’s out!?!?
  2. AND NOW THE BIG ONE, Why would anyone in their right mind take a supplement that Vinicius Waked is taking after they already knew he tested positive for something? Why would they take anything he was taking? He already proved he didn’t do his research once already!?!?

I think the moral of the story is, stick to black coffee when you want caffeine!! Starbucks anyone?

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  1. I like your post, Nick, but I think the caffeine pills story was made up by them.

  2. “Edited by site admin”

    From what the hell do you come with Vinicius Waked first doping offence was by Furosemide???
    It was Isometheptene, from a headache medicine(Neosaldina) and he got 2 months ban.

    • I’m ok on a correction here. another article said furosemide. That’s what I was going off of. If that’s true thanks for clearing it up. Ill be sure to make the correction. Also I love keeping comments open for all but please watch what you say on them. Thanks!

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