A Swimming Superhero
Nick Brunelli is a veteran in the world of swimming – and yet, he still remains on the brink. On the brink of popularity. On the brink of huge success. On the brink of his dreams. The Arizona State alum is in every conversation whenever anyone talks of the sprint event favorites. But he has yet to make a big team in recent years – barely missing the Olympic team in 2008.

Arizona State Swim Team Cut
While many know Nick Brunelli from his efforts regarding American sprint freestyle, he is also known for his efforts to bring the Arizona State men’s swim team back from the brink of disaster. In 2008, ASU announced they were eliminating the men’s swim team. While Brunelli had graduated by that point, the alum still trained and lived in Tempe and was pursuing a bid for the 2008 Olympic Team. Between training sessions, Brunelli helped bring awareness to ASU’s plight and was one of the forces behind bringing the swim team back.

Just Missed Olympics
Brunelli has been chasing a spot on the Olympic team since 2004. Brunelli just missed making the Athens Olympic roster when he finished third at Trials – one spot out of the Olympics – in the 50m freestyle. For some swimmers, the agony would have been devastating. Brunelli, however, bounced back and kept going. He continued training in Tempe, finished up his senior year, and then qualified for the World Championship team in 2005. He would get one more shot to make the Olympic team in 2008. However, Brunelli just missed the team again, finishing seventh in the 100m freestyle – again, just one spot from qualifying for the Olympic team.

One More Chance
With 2012 approaching, one couldn’t help but root for the humble and friendly Brunelli. After just missing the team by one spot in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Trials, Brunelli is back in the pool and poised to make another run in 2012.

Career Highlights
7 World Medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)

2006 SC World Championships (Shanghai)
400m Medley Relay
50m Freestyle
400m Freestyle Relay
400m Medley Relay

2004 SC World Championships (Indianapolis)
400m Freestyle Relay
400m Medley Relay
50m Freestyle

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  1. nick i luv the way u swim can u b mi personal trainer

  2. I think your workout is really hard and I would be really timid about it

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