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2012 is Setting up to be Amazing

First off, I am sorry I have not been posting as much recently. If you have been following me you know my schedule has been more than just hectic! Working and swimming both full time is a challenge! Since  December I have added even more in terms of dry-land work and it looks like its taken up all my blogging time… lol!

A recap since December starts with having a sub par nationals in my eyes. I learned a lot from that meet and noticed some big changes happening with my stroke and racing. After Nationals I ended putting together some great speed training sessions which showed at Duel in the Pool. I won the 50 freestyle from an outside lane putting up a top 5 time in the world for 2011. I was also added to the 400 free relay  which was a blast to be a part of as we took home the final win of the meet! after that during the last week of December and the first week of January I went to Colorado Springs for some good altitude training. This absolutely destroyed me in a  way that I have never felt before. And in a twisted way I really enjoyed it. After coming off that training I went to the Austin Grand Prix and swam well considering how exhausted I was.

Since that meet things have moving right along in a great way.  Training can be summed up as “amazing.” I have put together some of my longest sustained high volume training sessions in my life and my recovery from one session to the next has been fantastic. My strength,  power and flexibility have been developing into areas I have never seen before and I expect that trend to continue! When it comes to my flexibility I am about 200% better than I was in 2008 which was a huge issue for me back then.

I now look forward to adding to it with some great racing. my first meet coming up will be in March with sectionals in Greensboro NC where I expect to put up some great swims. After that I will compete at the Indi Grand Prix and Charlotte Ultra Swim to get down my final preparations for trials.

I Expect to update my blog more often as I get ready for trials and The Olympic Games.  Check back often!

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Reblog: Professional Swim League


Great blog post by a friend. Give it a read because I agree with it all and I will be attending the first Pro Swim League Duel East vs West!

Russell Payne

Check this out:Professional Swimming League

A pro swimming dual, East vs West, with money on the line. Obviously this includes only professional swimmers, so you won’t be seeing college or high school standouts competing. What you will see, either live in Ann Arbor or via streaming webcast this Wednesday and Thursday in an extremely competitive lineup of people who have dedicated their lives to the sport. Many of these athletes have represented their country in Olympics and World Championships, but others have never had that chance, and are just hungry for competition and recognition.

Why should you care? With Grand Prix meets, the World Cup, and international meets such as the Mare Nostrum series all competing for sponsors and competitors, aren’t there enough opportunities for athletes? Writing for, Craig Lord puts it very well:

All credit and good luck, though, to those who are not just talking…

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Thank You Merck

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to Merck and all its employees for the support they have given me the last two years! Today, Merck ran an article about me on their internal website that reaches employees all over the globe. I have received many emails and IM’s wishing me good luck on this long journey for Olympic Gold which is coming up next summer. I hope to bring back Olympic Gold from London in 2012 and share it with all my colleagues here at Merck!

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Filling The “Bank”

We all have goals in life that drive us each day. Some are personal we hold deep within ourselves and some are open for others to hear which can sometimes help you reach those goals. I’d like to share with you one goal I have for the next five months.

The next 5 months will be time to fill the “Bank” with awesome training sessions! I want to be able to look back at them and remember  how much each session hurt and how far I pushed myself to be sure to reach my goals.  This will give me confidence during times of possible doubt, adversity or just when the mind starts to wonder.  As you all may know, its hard to just “turn your brain off” but its easy to fill your thoughts with things that help you achieve your goals like awesome well done training sessions!

The last two weeks we CRUSHED our legs! Every day we did something challenging whether it was a kick set, or a leg dominated dry-land  session. I am a huge believer in getting your legs in shape early to create a strong platform to work off of throughout the season. A kick helps hold proper technique when tired, constant movement forward while swimming, great push-offs, fast underwater fly kicks, and a solid core for balance! The last two weeks we also used equipment to beat up our legs too. One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the zoomer.  NOT long fins. Zoomers are shorter and you can find many different types. My favorite zoomer is the Hydro Tech 2. These zoomers force you to actually kick to move you forward unlike long fins where the fin does all the work as it bends. If your serious about getting your kick stronger and quicker invest in the Hydro Tech 2. And yes they also make you go much faster for all you speed junkies! Also if you have issues with your  zoomers falling off definitely get the TYR Flipper Grippers! I wear them on every zoomer/fin set I do.

I’ll be putting the last two weeks in the “Bank” under account “I know my legs will carry me home!” Happy Kicking!!

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