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Nutrition for the Swimmer

Update from SportsRDpro

SportsRDpro has a new blog post up. Check it out and see what she has been up to the last few months. SportsRDpro is my nutrition expert who keeps me on track every day with what I eat.  She makes sure I am fueled properly to get the most out of each workout. This season I’m seeing huge improvements!

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Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

This was a post I had up earlier this year (January) and today I experienced the results of dehydration! Post workout cramps!! They are very painful and now I’m playing catch up which won’t help for tomorrows training session!

I am 29 years old and have been swimming for over 20 years and you would think I understood how important it was to hydrate, right? Especially since I swam under the Arizona desert sun for close to 10 years. well, I guess I didn’t. Just recently I got to actually see how important hydration really is and how off my beliefs were on whether I was hydrated or not!

We have been running hydration tests over the last year and all of us here at Swim MAC Team Elite have taken some serious thought into how we hydrate before, during, and after physical activity. We also looked at hydration at key times during the day which turned some heads after evaluating…. I am someone that drinks a lot of water throughout the day time. But I don’t do well at drinking water at dinner and when I wake in the mornings.

I have learned that I have been “severely dehydrated” going into almost all my morning workouts! As of right now 5 of my workouts a week are in the mornings….. I don’t think that’s setting me up to have a good practice week! What we have learned is drinking almost 4 glasses or water from the time you wake to the time you hit the pool is what’s need to be optimally hydrated for workout. Also drinking more water at dinner time helps make the next mornings hydration that much easier.

I have seen huge gains with the adjustments made in my water intake. After seeing “SEVERELY DEHYDRATED” on the test results throughout the year I knew I needed to make a change since I really thought I was hydrating properly. I am glad I made the adjustments. I am feeling so much better in my morning workouts and I really think it was just hydration that got me there.

I feel like many can learn from this. Take hydration to the next level and make sure you fuel your body at the right times for optimal training output!

Nutrition…the missing key to every athletes road to success.

SportsRDpro Posted her first blog entry today. She talks about how Nutrition change her life and how it can change yours too. Take a look and follow her updates.

Nutrition…the missing key to every athletes road to success.

A Steakhouse over Mexican Food in Arizona?

OK, I must tell you all a little kept secret about Arizona Dining. First off, I can tell you the Phoenix area knows how to do Mexican! I can’t seem to find a place on the planet that can match Salty Senoritas in Scottsdale [link]. Even Mexico can’t do it better. But let me tell you something, Arizona also has the best Steakhouse in the country!  About 6 years ago I was on the hunt for a nice steakhouse to take a beautiful girl I was dating at the time (now my wife). I ended up finding a place that was attached to a small office building  right next to the Scottsdale Mall which I heard great things about.  I read some reviews and everyone was saying it was the place to go for steak, entertainment and absolutely the best service. The restaurant was called City Hall Steakhouse.

When we arrived at the restaurant about 30 minutes before our reservation I thought we would hit the bar for a quick drink. We walked in and to our enjoyment a band was playing in the corner and everyone was really into it. The band was playing some great classics and done very well too. If I remember right they were playing The Piano Man by Billy Joel which felt so fitting on a Saturday night around 9pm…. We sat down at the bar and ordered our drinks. Out came come huge martini glasses and small personal shakers for each of us. it ended up being at least 2 drinks worth. while we were sitting and enjoying the music we noticed how amazing the bar looked. It had an old Steakhouse  feel with darker woods but an added new age feel to it that kept in looking young and new. Jenn and I both just loved it!

Now When it comes to reservations I feel like any place you go to the restaurants think it’s a suggested time. They never can seat you when your reservation was set. Here at City Hall they got it right. Exactly to the minute when our reservation was set to we had the host come up to us and ask if we wanted to be seated now.  She took our drinks directly to the table for us and the bill was transferred over to the table. We sat down and within moments we had a personal Butler so it seamed the rest of the nite.

The meal was amazing from start to finish! Even the mood was great in the dining room. we could hear the band playing but very lightly in the background. The decor was very stylish but again had a nice steakhouse feel with the white table cloths and black napkins. But the food stole the show! The Seafood tower was an awesome starter. The side dishes were great too. We has lobster Mashed potato that I think had more lobster than potato. The Mac and Cheese which I think could have been better than my moms! Sorry mom. And steamed broccoli with a little garlic. But, let me tell you about the steak!  6 years ago there was an entree at City Hall Steakhouse that wasn’t on the menu. The server suggested it when I told him how much I enjoy my filets. He described it to me and I was skeptical. It’s a bone in filet which I was thinking they couldn’t cook it correctly for medium rare throughout. normally near the bone its undercooked and on the outside its over cooked and filets need to be good perfectly! Cooking it evenly would be a nightmare. But, It was served perfectly cooked with laser precision. When I mean laser I really mean it. The steak is cooked to perfection by laser heat detection which allows a filet to cook evenly while still on the bone which makes it taste even better. This allows the steak to be cooked perfectly throughout no matter what the cut. The steak melted in my mouth! I had to ask the waiter what the seasoning was on the steak and he said no seasoning at all. I was tasting only the great flavor of the cut. I was blown away.

At the time my wife wasn’t a nutritionist and we both ended up having dessert because everything else was so good why not finish it off! We ended the night with Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Creme Brulee and an espresso! it was the perfect end to amazing dinner.

take a look at this place and seriously consider it for your next steakhouse visit when in the phoenix Arizona area [Link]. If you like a nice steak, great entertainment, and exceptional service try out City Hall Steakhouse out in Scottsdale, Arizona.

And if you like fun Mexican, Salty Senoritas [Link] is a great place too. The patio is great for outdoor dining and just drinks if your thirst from the Arizona sun.

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