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2012 is Setting up to be Amazing

First off, I am sorry I have not been posting as much recently. If you have been following me you know my schedule has been more than just hectic! Working and swimming both full time is a challenge! Since  December I have added even more in terms of dry-land work and it looks like its taken up all my blogging time… lol!

A recap since December starts with having a sub par nationals in my eyes. I learned a lot from that meet and noticed some big changes happening with my stroke and racing. After Nationals I ended putting together some great speed training sessions which showed at Duel in the Pool. I won the 50 freestyle from an outside lane putting up a top 5 time in the world for 2011. I was also added to the 400 free relay  which was a blast to be a part of as we took home the final win of the meet! after that during the last week of December and the first week of January I went to Colorado Springs for some good altitude training. This absolutely destroyed me in a  way that I have never felt before. And in a twisted way I really enjoyed it. After coming off that training I went to the Austin Grand Prix and swam well considering how exhausted I was.

Since that meet things have moving right along in a great way.  Training can be summed up as “amazing.” I have put together some of my longest sustained high volume training sessions in my life and my recovery from one session to the next has been fantastic. My strength,  power and flexibility have been developing into areas I have never seen before and I expect that trend to continue! When it comes to my flexibility I am about 200% better than I was in 2008 which was a huge issue for me back then.

I now look forward to adding to it with some great racing. my first meet coming up will be in March with sectionals in Greensboro NC where I expect to put up some great swims. After that I will compete at the Indi Grand Prix and Charlotte Ultra Swim to get down my final preparations for trials.

I Expect to update my blog more often as I get ready for trials and The Olympic Games.  Check back often!

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Pan American Games… NO. Pro Swim League… YES. Duel in the Pool… YES

The months of  September and  October were filled with extremely hard training! I achieved many training goals in and out of the pool that will move me into position for a great year of racing.  I wanted to tell you a little about why these two months were so successful and what I have coming up.

No Pan American Games

The month of October was host to the Pan American Games in Mexico. After my swims at Nationals, I was selected to attend this meet by USA Swimming. I turned down the invitation due to many reasons but non bigger than the fact that I wanted to put in more hours of training in my preparation for the Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games. To be successful as a USA sprinter at the Olympic Trials and also the Olympic Games requires a little more training compared to other sprinters from other  countries. Most sprinters need a lot of rest to perform at peak sprinting levels. and that requires a longer taper compared to a 200 and up swimmer. Also When you swim at Olympic Trials and make the Olympic Team you have to wait another four plus weeks before you get to race again.  Four weeks isn’t short but not long enough to build back up and fully rest again for sprinters. The only way to make that an easier time period is to put in more base work early in the year and just keep on resting!  The base work I do now will allow me to hold any taper no matter how long! “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.”


This week on Wednesday November 16th and Thursday November 17th Club Wolverine will be host to the first ever Pro Swim League Event.  The event is set up like a college duel meet spread out over two days. The Athletes (pros only) will be divided up into two teams,  East Vs West and compete for prize money in each event. $300 for First, $150 for second and $50 for third. This event has been built by pros for pros to help support all the professional athletes that can’t afford to attend the World Cups which can cost thousands of dollars to travel to.  If you live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area please attend the meet and help support the swimmers that make this sport so amazing! If you can’t attend, watch the live feed and show the world how important these events are to Professional swimmers and the sport they compete in!! Pro Swim League website and live feed


My last 10 weeks of training has turned some heads in USA Swimming and  propelled me on a path to be added to Team USA’s roster for the 2011 Duel in the Pool being held in Atlanta Georgia. In the 2005 Duel in the Pool,  I was a part of the Team USA’s roster and won the 50 free, clinching the team victory for the United States against Australia. This time around in 2011 Team USA will be swimming  against the best in the world which ups the competition drastically. The timing of this event (December 16 and 17th) is perfectly in line with the training I have done and will keep me going through December. I can’t wait to go after another victory in my events and help Team USA win another Duel in the Pool event!

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