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Filling The “Bank”

We all have goals in life that drive us each day. Some are personal we hold deep within ourselves and some are open for others to hear which can sometimes help you reach those goals. I’d like to share with you one goal I have for the next five months.

The next 5 months will be time to fill the “Bank” with awesome training sessions! I want to be able to look back at them and remember  how much each session hurt and how far I pushed myself to be sure to reach my goals.  This will give me confidence during times of possible doubt, adversity or just when the mind starts to wonder.  As you all may know, its hard to just “turn your brain off” but its easy to fill your thoughts with things that help you achieve your goals like awesome well done training sessions!

The last two weeks we CRUSHED our legs! Every day we did something challenging whether it was a kick set, or a leg dominated dry-land  session. I am a huge believer in getting your legs in shape early to create a strong platform to work off of throughout the season. A kick helps hold proper technique when tired, constant movement forward while swimming, great push-offs, fast underwater fly kicks, and a solid core for balance! The last two weeks we also used equipment to beat up our legs too. One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the zoomer.  NOT long fins. Zoomers are shorter and you can find many different types. My favorite zoomer is the Hydro Tech 2. These zoomers force you to actually kick to move you forward unlike long fins where the fin does all the work as it bends. If your serious about getting your kick stronger and quicker invest in the Hydro Tech 2. And yes they also make you go much faster for all you speed junkies! Also if you have issues with your  zoomers falling off definitely get the TYR Flipper Grippers! I wear them on every zoomer/fin set I do.

I’ll be putting the last two weeks in the “Bank” under account “I know my legs will carry me home!” Happy Kicking!!


Count down to USA Nationals (14 days)

In 14 days will be the start of USA Swimming Nationals in Palo Alto, California on the beautiful campus of Stanford University.  At nationals on this day will consist of an easy warm up in the am and a quick clip to get a different feel for the evening session. At night I will be swimming the 400 free relay with a relaxed effort but precise execution of some specifics for my 100 free race later in the week. It’s a great way to get into the meet with a 400 free relay!

In practice today we worked on some aerobic efforts to keep the heart rate up and flush out sectionals. We then did a few starts and turns to work on our lines off the block and wall and finished off with a few good finishes. Today was the perfect David Marsh taper practice with good training mentally and physically but not overly taxing efforts!

I can’t tell you how stoked I am about Nationals this year!  The count down has begun to a great meet in peak performance shape!!

Motivation for 2011 USA Nationals

All I’m going to show you are two pictures that are posted on my wall at work. I spend hours and hours staring at them! Top Ten Performers of 2010. This is all I need for motivation!

50 Freestyle World Top 10 in 2010:


100 Freestyle World Top 10 in 2010:

What motivates you???

Ultimate Taper Time!

Time for taper! Ahh, this is a great time of year! I think it’s truly the best part about swimming no matter what age or level.  Taper is a time for rest and save up all the energy you can find for the big show whatever and where ever it may be. It’s a time when you take the elevator instead of the stairs. You get out of the pool by using a ladder instead of having to jump out “athletically”. It’s a time to sleep more by going to bed earlier and taking that extra hour in the am by cutting out a little training… on coaches orders that is!  As a sprinter (which I am) we will get to come to practice an hour+ later, warm up and just go home in less than 45 minutes! This is something we all look forward to as swimmers and is why I train so hard throughout the year.

But some things need to be understood about taper to not abuse it and then not swim well at the big show. With less time in the water comes less time for technique refinement and less chances to get things right in sets. So to keep sharp, high quality efforts are needed mentally to get the correct output physically during taper so you don’t have to do it over and over again exhausting yourself to get it right. The goal is to get it right the first time and get out!! We will do timed 25’s from the blocks, or broken 100’s with lots of rest hitting faster than goal time and our mindset needs to be like your simulating your finals race at night at your big event. Visualization of races, meet warm-ups, and post race reactions are also done to help with getting things right the first time. the more you visualize yourself doing it, the easier it will be to do it in real life.

Good Luck everyone at all there tapered meets and remember to have fun, but also get after those goals!

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