Clinics: Nicholas and Jennifer Brunelli conduct clinics all across the country. These clinics are unique to other clinics  due to the athlete centered nutritional talk and swim technique combination in a small group setting for 3 to 4 hours.  These Clinics will help inspire kids of all ages and give them the tools to become better swimmers through improving nutritional habits and learning elite swim technique. If you are interested or want more information, please contact us at the email address below.

Private lessons in Charlotte NC Area: Jennifer and Nick do private swim lessons of all ages. if your looking for ways to improve on your technique in any stroke or just need to learn how to swim we can help you get to where you want to be. Contact Nick or Jenn at the email below if you are interested.


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  1. This recommendation is unsolicited so you all know that it is sincere.

    I am a 58 year old Masters Swimmer who has been privileged to work with Nick for a little longer than a month. My experience has been even better than I had imagined it would be. (My expectations were very high by the way.)

    What impresses me most about Nick as a teacher/coach is his passion for my success as a swimmer. I knew he was passionate about swimming, but his passion for my success has been a wonderful surprise – and his knowledge and skill are making that success a reality.

    If you are in the Metrolina area and need lessons or a coach, Nicks the guy to go to!

    • What a great statement!

      You are very lucky to have such a great man as Nick coaching at your facility.

      I am a masters swimmer down here in Orlando. (YCF Swimming). I also swim with the senior group as I stay registered on both the USMS and the USA Swimming side. After following the the Charlotte GP meet I am truly convinced that Nick is a great athlete/coach/mentor and the fact that he maintains this site and shares his success with everyone is amazing.

      One of these days I will stop by and say hi !! I am a Flight Attendant and our layover hotel is just 2 blocks from the MAC.

      Good Luck with your swimming and remember that we (YCF Swimming)hosts the Rowdy Gaines Invitational Masters meet in October. Please join us if you can.

      PS: Congrats Nick on a great job at the Charlotte UltraSwim!!

      • Thank you Joe Raio for the great comment! The Charlotte UltraSwim is just the beginning! If your in the area let me know. My mother in-law is a flight attended also.

  2. Thank You Nick!

    I always try to bid Charlotte layovers when I can since the pool is just 2 blocks away from our hotel. I would like to attend one of your clinics at some point as I am always looking for ways to improve and I think your clinics will do just that.

    I don’t see info on this site regarding clinics… I’ll look on the SwimMAC site and see when your clinics are offered. The email link on the clinics tab responds with “page not found”.

    I hope your mother in-law enjoys her job as a Flight Attendant…it’s not the easiest job in the world.

    Joe Raio

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