Charlotte UltraSwim Grand Prix 2011

The Charlotte UltraSwim Grand Prix was May 13th through May 15th in downtown Charlotte NC.  This meet was a huge success for SwimMAC and the surrounding community. Swimming got front page in the sports section on a weekend!

The 200 freestyle was Friday and I was seeded in the B session and not in the top 6 heats. It went off at about 1PM that afternoon. I ended up going very close to an in season best time ever. The best part about going that time had nothing to do with swimming. It was the fact that I went to work all morning and rushed over to the pool to swim. I know I had more in the tank! I scratched the finals to focus on my other events for the weekend.

The 50 freestyle was an event I just let it loose and threw down with Cullen Jones and Josh Schneider. I felt like the morning swim got my adrenaline flowing for the first time this year. During finals of the 50 free I told myself I wanted to put a little pressure on these guys to keep them honest. The last 10 weeks of training was  stressful with the swim off between Cullen and Josh.  It really got me motivated to get in the mix with these two. Rigth before the swim I told myself if I could hang with these two guys who are shaved and rested while I was not, it would give me a huge confidence boost for the end of the year. I ended up only .05 behind winning it. Writer Mike Gustafson/Correspondent for USA Swimming picked me for the “surprise of the meet” due to this swim. [Link]

The 100 free was Sunday and for some reason I was very tired during prelims and also finals. I felt like my 50 and 200 free took a lot out of me this time around. I ended up swimming my best times this year in the event and I’m very happy about it. I did not reach my goal times though which will keep me motivated over the next few months of training.  Anything I can use to motivate me during the tough days ahead helps me achieve my goals for the year.

Overall This meet was a huge success. I know the time and effort I am putting into the sport is moving me closer to my goals. My peak performance average is increasing making it that much easier to hit my goals!

My results:

200 free Prelims
26.77                     55.33 (28.56)
1:24.90(29.57)  1:53.79 (28.89)

400 Free Relay anchor
23.62       50.23 (26.61)

50 Free Prelims

50 free finals[video]

100 Free Prelims
24.11      50.75 (26.64)

100 Free Finals [Video]
23.86     50.63 (26.77)

**Full Meet results here**

  1. It is always great to know our swimmers detailed swim event info! It is an awesome way to engage the fans and bring attention to the sport of swimming. I expect our SwimMAC Team Elite to do very well since this is their turf!!! Good luck to all.

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