JAX50 2011

The JAX50 Sprint Dual Challenge is more than a dash for cash.

It is  a chance  for  ordinary swimmers from  eight years-old and up to compete at  the same meet, in  the  same event, with  twelve of the top swimmers in the sport, every  one of  them racing  for the chance  to swim in  one of the two empty lanes  against Olympians, national  and NCAA champions, American  and  world  record holders in swimming’s premier test of speed – The 50 freestyle.

But this event is more than just a chance to race an Olympian. It is an opportunity  to help many underprivileged families benefit from potentially life-saving swimming instruction.

This  one  weekend  swimming event is  unlike any other event in the sport. Once racing is over, the twelve guest swimmers will host a clinic and share   their   own  stories of adversity, challenges, and eventual success.

JAX50 Event Analysis and Results

Today was the JAX50 and it was a blast to be a part of. To race head to head is a sprinters dream and to do it against the top in the world made it intense! Thanks to Swimming World Magazine we have video of the whole event online. Here is a great video that sums up the personalities of a few of the sprinters that attended the JAX50.  Enjoy this one: JAX50 Morning Warm up

There were 8 Men and 8 women competing in a bracket format. The winner moves on and the loser is out. 6 of each gender were professionals. the last 2 spots were filled by a prelim 50 event where the top 2 got  to race against the pros in the bracket event at night seeded 7th and 8th. The Seeding was based on all time bests in the 50 free yards for the pros.  The first round the 1 seed went against the 8 seed,  the 2 seed vs the 7th seed, the 3 seed vs the 5 seed, and the 4 seed vs the 5 seed.

My all time best put me in the 4 seed which put me against the 5th seed in Nicolas Nilo from Brazil. I was able to win the first round with a 19.87. I was happy with the time considering it was the first race.  something I thought I could improve on was my tempo being quicker in the first 25 and my turn not being as mechanical.

Take a look at the Video of the Race: Nick Vs Nicolas Nilo
Interview after the race: Nick’s Win

The next round I  ended up racing the 1 seed in Frederick Bousquet who just touched out his competitor in the first round,  I was very excited to race Freddy! We had a connection in this event… we were considered the old guys at ages 30 and 29.  This race was a blast!! I felt like I really got up for this one. I had a great start and first 25. My tempo was much higher and my approach into the turn was great. my turn was not so good though compared to Freddy. I planted my feet a little high on the wall and that forced a deeper push-off and it killed me. Freddy has one of the best turns in the world and he showed me I need to improve on mine to compete with him. He ended up holding me off the second 25.  I went 19.82 which was faster than my first round swim and other than not beating Freddy I was happy with it.

Take a look at the Video of the Race: Nick Vs Frederick
Interview after the race: Freddy’s Win

Due to me not beating Freddy I ended up competing for 3rd and 4th place on the last round. My competitor was non other than my team-mate, Josh Schneider. We know each other well and again it was fun to race him at an event like this. Both of us didn’t have a great turn in semis so going in we wanted to work on that. Both our starts were great and we turned dead even at the 25. The last 5 strokes of the race we were synchronized and ended up tying.

Take a look at the Video of the Race: Nick Vs Josh
Interview after the race: Tie

Since this event doesn’t allow any ties Josh and I had to do a swim off for 3rd and we ended up doing a 25 free from the edge of the pool opposite to the blocks. Again it looked like we were stroke for stroke the whole way but somehow I got my hand on the wall a few hundredths before Josh to take 3rd.

Take a look at the Video of the Race: Nick Vs Josh 25 Swim Off

I am very happy with my swims considering how sore I was due to weights and a few good swim sessions for the week. This is another good building block leading into the summer to work off of. I plan on working on some things that I saw in the videos and know when I rest and shave ill have a lot of speed!! I can’t wait to get back to work. I hope you enjoy the videos and again thanks Swimming World Magazine for the on Demand Video!


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