National Nutrition Month! by Jennifer Brunelli

Jennifer L. Brunelli [BIO] sends out emails once a month to people that have signed up for her list Serve. These emails have great insight on food, health, wellness, and nutrition. Today I posted one of her emails below to give you an idea what it’s all about. She has been given great feedback on it and think many people can benefit from it. If you’re interested in joining the list serve please contact her at the email address at the end of the post.

Hello everyone!!!
First off…I am sorry I haven’t emailed everyone in a while!  I’ve gotten quite a few requests to start back up this list serve and the only reason I took a break from sending these was because I was swamped between finishing my Masters in Human Nutrition at Winthrop University, clinical rotations to complete my Registered Clinical Dietitian credential, and I coached my first season of swimming at Cannon School.  I am glad to say all these endeavors so far have been hugely successful 🙂  Thanks for waiting for me!

SO…most importantly, its National Nutrition Month!  I have attached an information sheet to this email that has lots of great points to focus on this month and ways to help you lose or maintain your weight while decreasing any health risks.  And for many of you, they can help you perform as an athlete or professional at a higher physical and cognitive level.  Enjoy!!

As always, I am here if you need someone to talk with about food, health, wellness, and nutrition.
document link is below:

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Brunelli
Dietetic Intern and Human Nutrition Graduate Student
Winthrop University
  1. Iam interesting what kind of food and the amount you eat, Iwant to improve my swiming workout.
    Kind regards.

    • Jose, I must say that it depends on the day as to what I eat and is very different depending on the person. But if your looking to try something this is my normal routine. I tend to eat a light bowl of cereal or oatmeal with 2 glasses of water. I use skim milk most of the time because heavy milk doesn’t sit well in my stomach during a hard workout. sometimes if I know its going to be a long workout (Saturdays) I add whole Grain toast or English muffin to add a few more carbs. I also have a PowerBar little by little on the way to workout and also during workout. I hope this helps!

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