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The 2012 Charlotte UltraSwim This Weekend!

The 2012 Charlotte UltraSwim Grand Prix will be held May 11th through May 13th in downtown Charlotte, NC. This meet was a huge success last year and I see it as being another great event this year. Swimming was put on the front page of the  Charlotte Observer this past Sunday morning.  If you didn’t get to see it Sunday, take a look  [Link]. Many swimmers have traveled from across the world for this event. Some will be looking to make the the Olympic Team for their country. It should be a great event with some fast swimming!

My Events:

200 free
50 back
400 Free Relay
50 Free
100 back
100 Free
400 medley Relay

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Official Website for the Charlotte UltraSwim

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The Charlotte UltraSwim Grand Prix was May 13th through May 15th in downtown Charlotte NC.  This meet was a huge success for SwimMAC and the surrounding community. Swimming got front page in the sports section on a weekend!

The 200 freestyle was Friday and I was seeded in the B session and not in the top 6 heats. It went off at about 1PM that afternoon. I ended up going very close to an in season best time ever. The best part about going that time had nothing to do with swimming. It was the fact that I went to work all morning and rushed over to the pool to swim. I know I had more in the tank! I scratched the finals to focus on my other events for the weekend.

The 50 freestyle was an event I just let it loose and threw down with Cullen Jones and Josh Schneider. I felt like the morning swim got my adrenaline flowing for the first time this year. During finals of the 50 free I told myself I wanted to put a little pressure on these guys to keep them honest. The last 10 weeks of training was  stressful with the swim off between Cullen and Josh.  It really got me motivated to get in the mix with these two. Rigth before the swim I told myself if I could hang with these two guys who are shaved and rested while I was not, it would give me a huge confidence boost for the end of the year. I ended up only .05 behind winning it. Writer Mike Gustafson/Correspondent for USA Swimming picked me for the “surprise of the meet” due to this swim. [Link]

The 100 free was Sunday and for some reason I was very tired during prelims and also finals. I felt like my 50 and 200 free took a lot out of me this time around. I ended up swimming my best times this year in the event and I’m very happy about it. I did not reach my goal times though which will keep me motivated over the next few months of training.  Anything I can use to motivate me during the tough days ahead helps me achieve my goals for the year.

Overall This meet was a huge success. I know the time and effort I am putting into the sport is moving me closer to my goals. My peak performance average is increasing making it that much easier to hit my goals!

My results:

200 free Prelims
26.77                     55.33 (28.56)
1:24.90(29.57)  1:53.79 (28.89)

400 Free Relay anchor
23.62       50.23 (26.61)

50 Free Prelims

50 free finals[video]

100 Free Prelims
24.11      50.75 (26.64)

100 Free Finals [Video]
23.86     50.63 (26.77)

**Full Meet results here**

Experience Prevails in 50 Swim-off

Cullen Jones is more experienced! At 27 years old having competed in the Olympics, World Champs and many other big stage events his familiarity to big time situations was exactly what he needed to Make World Champs again in a swim-off again Josh Schneider. What a great event at the Charlotte UltraSwim!

Josh Schneider is a beast! He is a stronger, more powerful swimmer then Cullen. But he’s missing that experience a veteran created through doing 50’s perfectly when the pressure is on. Josh can swim faster than Cullen 9 out of 10 times in a race but the one time Cullen wins is the one that matters the most. But with every race comes more experience and the future looks bright for Josh!

To break down the swim-off it came down to two things. The start and the finish. Cullen nailed both! Josh who has worked on both these this year still has some work to do which should scare the rest of the world. He out swam Cullen to almost overcome a sub par start/breakout and a miss timed finish. One thing that stood out to me was the power Josh showed from 25 to 40 meters and pulled even with Cullen and maybe slightly ahead. Cullen has always been a great finisher though and he showed it again to touch .04 ahead of Josh. Video of the race [link]

I can’t wait to see it again but be right in the middle just like I have been for the last 10 weeks! If age and experience prevails I feel like I got a good shot!

Universal sports will be broadcasting the event live this weekend so check your cable provider and see if you have that station. And if you don’t it’s OK, just sign on to universal sports [link] and watch it online!

Head to Head Dual Jones Vs Schneider

Some things just need to be settled by a Dual! That’s what will happen this afternoon at 6:20pm during the Charlotte UltraSwim between Cullen Jones and Josh Schneider for a spot on the World Championship Team.

Karen Crouse from the The New York Times followed this great story as it developed and just yesterday published it.

“Jones and Schneider were talking trash to each other at practice. “But they weren’t joking,” said another teammate, Nick Brunelli. “They meant it.”  [Link] Great Article!

I have personally seen these two jockeying for position the last 10 weeks. Both swimmers looking at each other wondering what the other is thinking or doing. I can’t wait for this swim-off to happen. The one and only reason why is for all of us on Team Elite to get back to training for something bigger then just the two of them, The Olympic Games!

Cullen and Josh, Good Luck and I wish the best for both of you but DON’T tie again for all your team mates sake!

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