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Filling The “Bank”

We all have goals in life that drive us each day. Some are personal we hold deep within ourselves and some are open for others to hear which can sometimes help you reach those goals. I’d like to share with you one goal I have for the next five months.

The next 5 months will be time to fill the “Bank” with awesome training sessions! I want to be able to look back at them and remember  how much each session hurt and how far I pushed myself to be sure to reach my goals.  This will give me confidence during times of possible doubt, adversity or just when the mind starts to wonder.  As you all may know, its hard to just “turn your brain off” but its easy to fill your thoughts with things that help you achieve your goals like awesome well done training sessions!

The last two weeks we CRUSHED our legs! Every day we did something challenging whether it was a kick set, or a leg dominated dry-land  session. I am a huge believer in getting your legs in shape early to create a strong platform to work off of throughout the season. A kick helps hold proper technique when tired, constant movement forward while swimming, great push-offs, fast underwater fly kicks, and a solid core for balance! The last two weeks we also used equipment to beat up our legs too. One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the zoomer.  NOT long fins. Zoomers are shorter and you can find many different types. My favorite zoomer is the Hydro Tech 2. These zoomers force you to actually kick to move you forward unlike long fins where the fin does all the work as it bends. If your serious about getting your kick stronger and quicker invest in the Hydro Tech 2. And yes they also make you go much faster for all you speed junkies! Also if you have issues with your  zoomers falling off definitely get the TYR Flipper Grippers! I wear them on every zoomer/fin set I do.

I’ll be putting the last two weeks in the “Bank” under account “I know my legs will carry me home!” Happy Kicking!!

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