As you can see by the picture to the left I have been doing some fun dry-land workouts to develop power, speed, agility and flexibility. I plan on updating this page when new and exciting exercises are done. Videos will soon be uploaded also. Stay tune with Blog updates referencing my dry-land Training!

Two Great Companies with One Common Goal

We have been working with two companies to work on our dry-land routines.  Both right now are working great for us. Below is a quick overview of what they are doing to help propel us to success.

Architech Sports is a company we have been working with to better our dry-land training. They focus on the basics of strength and conditioning along with rehabilitation for injuries.

Darin Tyson, Director of Athletic development at Architech Sports oversees all programs as it relates to the development of athletes.  He primarily focuses on teaching athletes about their body and how to move for their particular sport.  He works with athletes from all levels such as NBA, NFL, MLB, collegiate athletes & high school athletes. Darin has worked with Team Elite for 2 years creating a periodized program for the development of the swimmers. Programs center around connecting the body throughout the 3 planes of the body, and focuses on training the swimmers for athletic development (creating athletes to be good in multiple sports). For more information on Darin Tyson and the staff at Architect Sports please visit their website. With professionals like Darin Tyson, Architech Sports has been a great asset to Swim MAC Team Elite!

Amphibious Exercise for Improving Swimming (a.X.i.s.)  is the other company we are working with closely to improve on our power, speed,  core strength, and agility with the latest Human Motion Science. a.X.i.s. is the first strength and conditioning system designed specifically for swimmers by world renowned physiotherapists, trainers and legendary swim coach David Marsh. Also helping to create this company is Raphael Ruiz. In the 1990’s Raphael was an assistant strength & conditioning coach under the supervision of Director Ben Pollard at Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, TX). It was there that many observations were made and countless discussions took place about the true meaning of athleticism. What they found was the individual that could squat, bench or Olympic lift the most were not the best athletes. They needed to find a way for athletes abilities in the wight room to transfer success to useful and purposeful abilities in their sport. This is where Raphael first began to examine variables that were thought to be associated with athleticism and he found many recent studies about Human Motion Science that could change traditional strength and conditioning routines forever. Since then he has worked with many very successful athletes and teams to develop true athleticism in sport specific settings.

Today Raphael is developing and properly implementing a “prepared & readiness” training system for Swim MAC Team Elite through a.X.i.s.  For more information contact a.X.i.s on their website.

  1. Awesome Nick some great stuff. Love to try some out and destroy some swimmers.

  2. With Raphael and 1441 are you guys doing any Crossfit? I know that he is a major contributor to Crossfit Football.

    • Yes we are starting to work with some crossfit stuff. He is really into body position during dryland and its great. The program we are doing is with Architech Sports and Raphael is adjusting body position mostly

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