Ninja Roll Ups

a.X.i.s has put together our core training routine and brings in a new challenge for elite swimmers. Ninja Roll Ups are core exercises that tie in your lower abs to your hip flexers that drive your kick just like Armadillos but done with your whole body in an explosive motion. We need to remember “explosive” doesn’t mean out of control. This motion has to be done with precision to maintain a correct line throughout your whole body. Joel Elber is the swimmer in the images below helping me show you this exercise. check out his blog also on WordPress.

Below are steps 1 through 10 and when followed you can learn how to do a Ninja Roll Up. Step 1 is your legs over your head lying down with your toes pointed to the ground with  straight legs. Your next motion is SLOW, slightly bending your knees. After your knees are bent you will explode your legs in front of you while still keeping your lower back on the ground “rolling up”  to a squat positions. Step 2  through 4 shows you this. Your arms should NOT help you.

Step 5 is when the momentum you created with your legs on the “Roll up” is transferred into a squat jump. Make sure you get a solid base on your footing to explode to a streamline jump like image 6 and 7 shows below.

Image 8 shows when you adsorb your landing allowing your body to flow through steps 9 and 10 and finishing where you started. This whole exercise is a constant motion and there should be no pauses. Everything should flow smoothly. Try doing Ninja Roll Ups for a minute straight without stopping. This will be another challenge to add to your dryland routine.

Beginners: Most beginners need a little help getting to step 5 to plant their feet without falling back. To help  get your feet planted use your arms on the ground to keep your moment to continue. Something you can also do is just go to a squat position instead of doing a squat jump.

Advanced: If you are able to do Ninja Roll ups for a minute without breaking down, add a streamline jump with a twist left on one and then a twist right on the next. This will put an extra squat into each rep and also add a body twist to confuse your equilibrium.  Follow steps 1 through 5 normal shown above then add in the steps 6 through 10 below for twisting right. On your next rep follow the images again but just twisting left. Foot placement will be tough! Good Luck!

  1. Wow that a pretty good looking guy there

  2. Inspiring information on improving my athletic performance!

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