Swim sets

Below I will be posting each months swim sets that I have done. Some will be aerobic sets and others will be active recovery sets. But most of all I will share the drop dead sprint sets all swimmers dream of doing! I plan on updating this page once a month. Stay tune with Blog updates referencing my Water Training!

2011 Monthly Swim Training Sets:

January Sets

February Sets

March Sets

April Sets

May Sets

June Sets coming soon

July Sets coming soon

August Sets coming soon

  1. What a great idea! Keep up the great work Nick and best of luck!

  2. Hey Nick,

    Any drills for sharpening response time on front starts? I appreciate being able to ask. Best wishes for your training.

    Joe Gosha

    • Joe I look forward to working with you Sunday on Starts. I will run you through a few good exercises to get you ready. the big thing is getting you in line when you enter to hold your speed better. See you Sunday!!

  3. Question, Im training by myself and planning on walking on to a D1 college next year(sophmore year) and isnt going to be swimming under a coach until mid May. My coach from my home town is giving me workouts but I feel that since Im a 50/100 sprinter that I should be working on sprints and a little amounts of 8000ish yard workouts. Would it be smart to do your workouts just until I go back to my home town? Will that prepare me to swim fast in this upcoming lcm season? I also lift every Monday/Wednesday/Friday

    • Sam if your main events are the 50 and 100 I think doing 8000 yards is a waste and will jeopardize your stroke for a 50 and 100 free. Not many people in the world can swim a distance type stroke and be successful at the 50. Actually none that I know. I also know swimming a 50 or 100 type stroke is almost impossible to do constantly for a distance practice. So with that said I would drop your yardage . Supplement a few of my workouts within a 5000 yd practice and that may work great with you. Joel elbers page has a bunch of my other workouts listed. Good luck!

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